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25 April 2008 @ 05:21 pm
wow..how can tell I never really use this...last update 93 weeks ago..Damn...For anyone wwho may look at this. I'm still with Michelle. I live in a little ski in SE BC. And it still goddamn snows every morning. Oh well, it melts by noon. I've taken up jogging cause I'm tired of being fat ass. I'm starting to train my kung fu agin too. We have a puppy. Her name is Alita (from Battle Angel) shes 5 months and 43lbs. Husky/german shepard. Marcos Hates her. Sasha tolerates her presence..barely..I finished my school 1st year auto mechanic. No job...Weak....will have something soon I hope. well thats it for now....uh...bye, i guess...whatever.Adios.