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14 July 2006 @ 03:44 am
entry #2  
So ya...not seeing frontline assembly sucked, but me and Michelle still got to hang out a bit a shop for weapons..totally sweet...and the cartlage (SP?) punch is totally sweet....Fuck did it ever hurt though! And it made a really wicked crunch sound as it went through...think of a cross between crunching peanuts and crushing celery...somewhere in there anyways...

Ya...shitty buzz though is that it got infected after 1 1/2 weeks or so. Still is. And met a guy at work whos had a lot of martial arts training and we were inebriated(?) and kinda srarring a bit and it almost came out..lost the back O ring and it bled a bunch...fuck...its the third new piercing that I've done that...you;d think I'd learn or something. But I just get used to new piercing really fast I guess and then forget about when I'm drunk(etc) and start sparring or just meesing around and hit right in the new piercing..happened with my lip ring and industrial...ahh whatever, shit happens...But it looks totally cool...

Well..I work in a restaurant in Calgary and its the Calgary Stampede right now so its friggin hella busy...Plus I'm working my morning job 3 days this week as well so I'm getting kinda tired...That and because it been pretty hot here I've had maybe 4 days over 5 hours sleep..getting kinda used to it though...Besides, when you only sleep 4 hours a night you get lots more time to do stuff...

Well, thats my update for now...I'd give pics, but I dont have a digatal camera..or any camera fo rthat matter...well..nothing..thats it, I'm going to bed..
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CHBE girlxxviciousxx on July 14th, 2006 02:03 pm (UTC)
Infected :O boooo! And you have not been on msn at all :( but I will be there tonight so yay!

I'm at work right now and very sleepy...

see you later *hugs*