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intothedarkx's Journal

11 March
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I'm pretty ecclectic. I like a lot of different things..Except country and pretty much anything to do with it (except rifles). I guess you could say I'm gothic, but I'm not A goth. I have to wide a spectrum of interests to be able to fit any single lable so don't try. I'm multifaceted. My life is based around a few simple basics. Martial arts/philosophy, music/moives/anime/etc, generally unwholesome fun (drinking etc, sex, ummm....yeah) I have a generally anti-sociatal view... There are way too many friggen stupid rules that only protect lazy useless morons... Like political correctness for example. Its just retarded. Yes this is my opinion (which of course is totally right, but feel free to disagree)... I'm very open minded. I have no problem changing my opnions if a a better one comes along..But I find that happens less and less often as I grow older. I'm not concieted, just very confident in myself and what I believe. Plus I'm pretty awesome.lol. My sense of humor is extremely sarcastic and often dry or macabre.

I got a lot of who I am from training Kung Fu. Well thats me in a nutshell... And yes I'm wearing a Thundercats t-shirt in my default pic...